Good Old Barnes & Noble

I say that because this e-book…

evil empire cover pic 1

…is available to buy there. If you use a Nook reader click HERE to see for yourself

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Earplug Caption: Base Jumping

Too late, Miles and Chester discovered that the minimum prerequisite for base jumping was a parachute.

base jumping

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Wallpaper 141: The Squawking Thrush

I finally traced an agitated squawking noise in my garden to this noisy little bugger. I thought,”If nothing else, you’ll make a decent wallpaper.”

squawking thrush

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Photography: Better Photographers Than I…

…have suggested that instead of taking all of one’s photographs in good weather, one should also try miserable sodding weather where everything looks like shit, though I suspect they probably worded it better. So, following the day I captured this…

chestnut spring

…I snapped this en route to work on a nasty, wind-swept, drizzly morning…

drizzly chestnut

You know, I think the clever sods are right. And just to prove it, here’s a shot of the surrounding vista…

drizzly vista



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Phavoured Foto 10: The Ice Tunnel

Apart from the nice perspective created by this shot, and the rather groovy windows that run the length of the ice tunnel, what do you suspect I most like about this?

rudi and val arrive in ice tunnel

Answer: the weather! I created weather indoors. Isn’t it fab? And all I had to work with was a flat white surface, a few niblets of polystyrene, and an empty  box of christmas crackers – and I used them thus…

cracker box

The interior of the box was folded into a squared-edged tube (to form the tunnel), and the box was placed beyond the ‘actors’ to give the impression of falling snow. This time I’m certain I heard someone scream, “Genius!”

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Phavoured Foto 9: The Jet Pack

I liked this piccie so much that I put it on the cover of The Earplug’s Day Out (vol 1)

magnuss swoops

The technique for capturing it was the usual – up through a pane of glass – but this time I shot directly into the sun. Result: spectacular shot of Magnuss flying with a jet pack on his back. Yee-ha!

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If You Are an Imaginative TV Animation Producer…

…in search of a subject for a late-night science-fiction serial that’s ever-so-slightly rude, may I present…

tooty with tv 1

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