Iberian Sunrise

looking east

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Earplug Adventures: Stepladder to the Stars (episode 26)

As Nancy Brooch had stated; the K T Woo could fly: but now that it had attained orbit it needed to pause long enough for the earplugs and other silicone based life-forms aboard to appreciate the moment…

woo in space

“Cor, will ya look at that!”

jan12 015 1

…Serendipity Mollusc squealed. “Real stars!”

Others were equally enthralled…

jan12 022

They included Captain Brooch, who previously had never flown anything more complicated than a kite. And Hakking Chestikov, who, though reasonably experienced in space travel, had never looked out of a port-hole in Ship Number Fifteen. And now that he could see the infinite expanse of the galaxy…

jan12 031

…his traitorous bowels betrayed him.

Others, though, remained calm…

jan12 013 3

Particularly Briony Lampshade who was the sort of girl who took something as hum-drum as space travel in her stride.


jan12 024 1

Shitsak Shamir who felt terrible sorrow for those they had left behind.

Whilst his brother, Sikbag…

jan12 016

…merely blanked his expression and denied the existence of the vacuum that spread out before him forever.

“Permission to point us in a particular direction, Captain?” Nancy…

view screen kt woo 027

…said as the ship swung around to face the recalcitrant blue giant star.

“Yes.” Captain Brooch replied.

© Paul Trevor Nolan

What direction does Sinclair intend the K T Woo to travel. If you return for the next episode, you might well find out.


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If Mister Spock Kept a Dog in His Cabin…

…this is what it would look like.

It would have been illogical for this pointy-eared canine to bite me when I leaned into his garden to take this picture; so he didn’t. Instead he merely raised an eyebrow.

mr spock dog

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Battered Barns 21: Upon the Grassy Knoll

Not really battered: but a very odd design…

grassy knoll

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Wallpaper 231: September Scene

september scene

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Portrait Gallery 50: Vulcan Chrome

I was never one for polishing the stuff, but I must admit chrome does look nice in the sunshine.


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More to Come 13: Iceworld Montage 2

My, what a chilly world: what might be happening there?

iceworld montage 2

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