Wallpaper 55: In the Thick of It

Ever wondered what it was like to drown in an ocean of daffodils?

thick of it

Photography: Sometimes Autofocus isn’t Shit

But I’d still prefer a winding thingy on the lens…

in focus robin

Everyone say “Whoo-hoo!”

The reason for this suggestion has probably already occurred to you. Yes, all of my Hamster-Sapiens books are now available for the Kobo eReader at Kobo. Check out the covers on the sidebar for access to them.



Photography: Why Autofocus is Shit

I think this sums it up…

out of focus robin

Grrrr, growl, gnashing of teeth.


Books I Should Have Written 6: This is a heartwarming tale about…

…a young man who grows weary of the gang culture in which he has been raised, and who decides to flee the city to live a more rural existence. There he must confront his preconceived prejudices, and particularly his deep-seated loathing of anything equine, in…

horses shit


Wallpaper 54: Facets

Facets, a rather grand name for a sheet of plastic; but it makes a surprisingly effective wallpaper. Or is that ‘affected’?



Everybody Say “Yeah!”

Say “Yeah!” because the following book is now available on Kobo.

new silent ptn 8x11

Click HERE to go straight to Kobo and buy the book! Or perhaps look at it. Looking at it would be good; you might persuade yourself that it’s worth buying, which it is of course. Very worth buying in fact that is – especially with the sequel in the pipeline. In fact you’d be mad NOT to buy it. Why not check out the sample chapter beneath the header: it’s Grrrreat!