Wallpaper 282: Shaggy Sea Dog


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Wallpaper 281: September Shower

september blooms

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Helping Hand

Recently my wife bought a leg of lamb. When she opened the wrapping she discovered that the sawn end of the leg bone had been inserted into a plastic cone – presumably to avoid piercing the wrapping. But when she took it out she was inspired. “Ooh, Tooty would like this.” She said. She wasn’t wrong.

Meet mild-mannered Gary Fluffkins. He works in a secret lab…


…in which he becomes exposed to radiation. On the way home that night he stubs his toe as he climbs aboard the mag-lift train. He is slightly annoyed, but thinks nothing of it – until a fellow passenger laughs at him. Then he grows slightly miffed. In fact he becomes very miffed. Dangerously so – and transforms into…


Big, isn’t he? I think I might have a new character.


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Elevenses Anyone?

No, I’m not referring to an eleven o’clock cup of tea and a fruit scone: I am, of course, referring to the eleventh e-book in the Junior Earplug Adventures series. But I think you probably knew that already. Yes, this book…


…is available at Lulu.com. Just click on the Lulu logo on the sidebar to see it in all its glory. By the way, despite being English, I don’t happen to like  fruit scones. In fact I loathe them. And I prefer coffee too.

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Junior Earplug Adventures: Nook Update

Fabulous news for Nook owners. The first four e-books are now available at Barnes & Noble!


So now you have no excuse.

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Junior Earplug Adventures Take Flight…

…all the way to Mars!


Of course the e-book appears first at Lulu.com.  The rest (iTunes, Kindle, Nook, etc) will follow later. Take a look. Take a look at all the other books there too. Are they charming and utterly attractive? Of course they are.

Try this tiny extract. junior-martian-1-extract

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Recognise this?


It’s a plank of wood from an old crate; but doesn’t it look different? I do love mucking about with photographic programs on my computer. I think that’s why I enjoy doing the Earplug Adventures so much. Who knows, maybe I’ll use this shot.

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